Client: Yes Magazine

Scope:  Editorial design and reader advocacy in magazine publishing, North America

Mission:  Work to continually update and extend the editorial vision of a uniquely intellectual and decidedly progressive publication. Expand the reach of its editorial focus, translating the passion and spirit of its writing into energetic art direction and imagery, and make sure it conveyed a thought-provoking presence that leapt of the newsstand.

Key Insight:  I began working with Yes! Magazine in its formative design years. Originally titled “In Context”, Yes! presented an unusual editorial format in magazine design: each issue was centered around only one topic.

The magazine endeavored to present a holistic view of the core concept including 5 or more articles, plus support prose, poetry, photography and graphics that shaped the idea. The end-product had to compete on a newsstand cluttered with competing “alternative” titles: Mother Jones, Ms. Magazine, Ode, Parabola and Utne. My work with the publication spanned seven years.

Categories: Print, Publishing

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