Data Visualizations
Client: TSheets

Scope:  Software as a Service (SaaS) promotion for a global marketplace, with hooks into community relations, online link building, and a trade show takeaway that is suitable for framing.

Mission:  Design, illustrate and advertise a versatile promotional tool for TSheets time tracking software in the form of a unique Infographic (IG) using a presentation format that can be custom-tailored as it relates to different TSheets markets and partners in multiple industries.

Key Insight:  Time is both a precious and a shrinking commodity that means different things to different workplaces. For example, every 3.1 seconds, someone on the planet signs-in to a TSheets timesheet from their smartphone, desktop PC or tablet, even via Twitter. These construction workers, lawyers, health care workers, retailers, and more, are doing much more in less time.

What better way to illustrate the compression of the vocational work hour than with an outsized "IG" suitable for displaying in an employee break room that plots a historical timeline and narrative on changing productivity?

With the eye-catching handle "TICK-TALK," the four-foot high, information-rich IG came complete with its own "ad kit" for bloggers and industry affiliates to win online attention including coordinated badges, buttons and banners. Combining both original artwork with Creative Commons shareable Wiki-media, the IG presents the history of measuring time "at a glance," (well, maybe two or three).

An overlooked benefit of infographics of this size is flexibility. Sub sections of the piece can be interchanged as can headlines for use as industry-customized teasers. So how do you ship a work of art on this scale? Why, in tubes of course. The Web also makes it downloadable for digital printing at various sizes.

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