What constitutes great design? Like an epic journey, an arrival at the ultimate design destination for your project is the culmination of an adventure that spans many milestones, bridges many crossings, and connects the divide between vision and reality.

At Brofsky Design, our journey commences with establishing a clear understanding of our clients’ strategic aims and objectives. The precious cargo we bring along is always integral, often intangible, and, we believe, invaluable: personal client interviews, critical market research, competitive analyses, and, where applicable, other positioning studies to chart our course.

Our cargo trunk bears the seals of many ports-of-call: Publishing, Packaging, Web design, Landing pages, Advertising, Collateral, and Identity Systems for a legion of leading and “challenger” brands, both offline and online.

Along the path, our “Process” encompasses literally dozens of iterations, variations and imaginings, each a critical step forward in the direction we are navigating with our clients, each leading to what is most often described as the most enlightened and “inevitable” outcome.

To offer a glimpse of the Brofsky Process — the following “workflow” examples illustrate key phases of the journey. Welcome onboard!

workflow 1edge-process new

workflow 2

Services Inlcude:

  • Project Analysis/Research
  • Idea Generation
  • Brand Strategy
  • Logo/Logotype
  • Graphic Systems
  • Company Collateral
  • Publishing
  • Icons & Info Graphics
  • Print & Packaging
  • Signage, Vehicle & Environmental
  • Web Design


Art Directors Club of Denver
Art Directors Club of Los Angeles
Communication Arts Magazine
Denver Advertising Federation
Print Magazine
Type Directors Club
Seattle Design Association
Simpson National Paper Award
The Society of Illustrator

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