Client: Reed Law Firm

Scope:  Law Firm, Legal Services

Mission:  Create the graphical brand identity and website for a young law firm establishing a market presence that conveyed a unique sense of style and vision.

Key Insight:  How can a young practice be "discovered" on the Internet in a manner that relates who they are while defining their corporate style and standards? Too many legal sites and brochures resemble cookie-cutter patterns. Cover the logo with your hand and somehow any name fits.

Taking a distinctively different approach, Brofsky Design began the project with a new logo that encapsulated a refined sense of sophistication and detail, fusing design and letterforms. The Website adopted a circular motif as a recurring feature. Like a Venn diagram, it encircled the principles the firm wished to project—preparation, action, client relationships and success.

The web design reflected the clarity that characterized the founder's emphasis on clear client communication and set a trajectory in motion that that followed the firm's professional process to solving client issues. A brief animated intro tied in other content elements that were used throughout the collateral pieces to keep the messaging crisp and cohesive.

Categories: Websites