Client: Art 4 Culture

Scope:  Gamification Concepting for Civic Transportation and Public Art Funding

Mission:  Compete to design an interactive website-based game, that incorporated an art related theme, engaging and entertaining mass transit customers on a metro transit line in Bellevue, WA.

Key Insight:  Life itself can play out like an interactive game. Take public transit. The "moves" along the "Rapid B-Line" in Bellevue, WA include 23 stops along the game grid of a very busy business and shopping corridor. Why not empower players in "Tron-like" fashion to view themselves inside the game and engage riders in a micro social network where the only participants were travelers of the Rapid B-line. At each of the 23 “creative stops,” the game players could tap into a medium from a palette of music (sound), photography, painting/drawing and poetry, and nominate “works” while collecting “votes” along the way. The riders' posts would accumulate in “galleries” and the most popular contributions would be gathered and exhibited in the 4Culture gallery space in Seattle and/or displayed the individual bus stop enclosures. Art that moves you!

Categories: Websites