Client: Peachpit Press

Scope:  Retail Software and Computer Book Publishing, National

Mission:  Design a cover for a new book title for graphic designers.

Key Insight:  This bestselling book written by David Blatner, won the 1991 Benjamin Franklin award for technical writing. It is the highest rated, most comprehensive and best-selling QuarkXPress book ever published. Another “eureka” moment, as I was a newbie to working on the computer and had no real depth in my understanding of software, was my fascination with the design of the 20s and 30s which clicked with an idea for this cover. Xpress reminded me of the beautiful locomotive illustrations of A.M. Cassandre. If you look at the “L.M.S. Best Way” poster of 1928, you will see the root of my design (rotate it 90 degrees) for this airbrushed illustration by my colleague Tom Draper. My interest in typography of the same period is a feature in many of my designs at that time.

Categories: Print, Publishing