Client: Port of Bremerton

Scope:  Campaign for National Port Facility, National Airport, Regional Marinas, Industrial and Business Park

Mission:  Design three trade show booth displays, two 8 x 8' and one 10' for national conventions. Design to promote two marinas,international airport and the business and industrial center, and one general booth for the Port.

Key Insight:  Each of the three booths for Port of Bremerton was designed to attract business. National and international corporations need flexible and affordable industrial space which the port rents, the Port operates two marinas, an international airport, and rail access conveniently located to move goods and services from deep water port inland. Kitsap County rated the #1 place to live in the U.S. (Money Magazine) making it clear that this business center is a vital, competitive and beautiful place to stimulate the economy.

Categories: Signage

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