Client: Port of Bremerton

Scope:  Campaign for National Port Facility, National Airport, Regional Marinas, Industrial and Business Park

Mission:  Create brochures to provide multi-layered information and promote capabilities of Port facilities, including topics to attract boaters, tourists and community to newly renovated marina area.

Key Insight:  "Zigging": where traditional Port brochures had "zagged, lagged and sagged," this vibrant print piece initiated a two-port strategy, creating a broader picture of the marinas' offerings. With their proximity to popular tourist destinations, exciting area shops and attractions, and to each other, the piece was a "Waytinder."

Accordion-opened like a roadmap to a large layout depicting to-scale moorings, factoids about the area, and an area map that indicated boating distances to Puget Sound landmark destinations. A secondary component was an events guide. Festivals, drawing boaters to the area. Wine tastings, boat shows, historical events. An everyday invitation to Bremerton culture, entertainment and recreation.

Categories: Print

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