Human Resources
Client: Nordstrom

Scope:  Company-wide HR and Employee Benefits "Welcome" Package for a National Fashion Retailer

Mission:  Design and conceive a modular presentation folder and brochure series introducing Nordstrom employee benefits. Create the "Welcome package" to consolidate the esprit de corps of 33,000 Nordstrom employees

Key Insight:  The primary allegory of this project is that "good things come in small packages." Nordstrom is anything but small. It employs over 50,000 people in the U.S. alone. Yet Nordstrom's outwardly-directed services are designed to be communicated to an audience of one.

Instead of a bureaucratic "magnum opus" in the form of a verbose employee manual, the "Nordstrom Employee Handbook" was rendered as a simple, elegant, 5” x 8” postcard. The singular message to Nordstrom employees, commissioned by Brofsky Design in calligraphy, were these choice words: “Use good judgment in all situations.”

Each of the covers in the accompanying brochures were created by a different illustrator, under the artistic direction of Brofsky Design, and used a unifying color palette. Each was sourced through my East Coast friend and artists' rep, Marlena Torzecka. From her studio of acclaimed international artists, I selected and directed Martin Jarrie, Gerard DuBois, Marc Mongeau, and Pol Turgeon.

The textual portion of the final product is featured in Wikipedia

Here is the quoted text of the Employee Handbook:

Welcome to Nordstrom

We're glad to have you with our Company. Our number one goal is to provide outstanding customer service. Set both your personal and professional goals high. We have great confidence in your ability to achieve them.

"Nordstrom Rules: Rule #1: Use best judgment in all situations. There will be no additional rules.

Please feel free to ask your department manager, store manager, or division general manager any question at any time."

Using one's best judgment remains Nordstrom employees' number one policy in all aspects of employment.

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