Client: Nordstrom

Scope:  Brand and Packaging Diversity Lending a Global Brand Standard a Small Boutique Identity

Mission:  Conceive and design diversified product branding, packaging and label design for special lines of Nordstrom women’s wear.

Key Insight:  In the 1990s, Nordstrom Product Development dedicated itself to a "micro-marketing" mission by merchandising fashionable women's clothing in a manner that fostered a unique identity for select lines as if each was acquired from small boutiques and fashion design houses. This movement preceded what emerged in 2000 where the emphasis was placed back on Nordstrom-labeled products. During this "era" of smaller, privately-branded labels, Brofsky Design was contracted to design a potpourri of labels. Près de Chamonix was one of the first. The romantic name conjured images of the art nouveau perfume bottles of the 1920s, the curvilinear ironwork in architecture, and the flourished posters by Czech artist Alphonse Mucha. Brofsky hired botanical illustrator Katherine Salentine to decorate the whole label. I designed the pieces around a distinctive, die-cut for the hangtags and denim pocket tags. The scrollwork design was woven into the family of labels which adorned a large line of shirts, pants, sweaters, outerwear and denim.

Categories: Fashion, Packaging

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