Client: Metro Market

Scope:  The worlds of Gourmet Foods Packaging, Restaurant Food Service and Event Catering

Mission:  Design a system of logos for food service, restaurant and catering products and services that enforces core brand imagery for a multi-faceted business model.

Key Insight:  Often times, a logo has to stand for more than one business type and be applicable to enhancing the business among multiple product and service lines. The Metro Market creators, a duo of energy and dynamism, launched their three-pronged business as event caterers, an original and sophisticated line of soups, and a local café that serves fresh lunches. Originally from San Francisco, the partners brought their extensive backgrounds in high-end cuisine into their cafe and catering menus. The logo captured aspects of all three businesses through its Art Nouveau style, which reflected the “multi-national” influenced palette.

Categories: Food, Marks

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