Client: Marlena Agency

Scope:  Global Awareness Campaign, International Artists Agency

Mission:  Design a display-worthy and promotional gift for clients of the Marlena Agency, a global artists' agency representing award-winning illustrators, animators and artists.

Key Insight:  The designer faces a special challenge when "creating" for a company that, in turn, represents the outstanding artistry of many others. Located in Princeton NJ, the Marlena Agency is an elite artists' representative firm that also promotes gallery exhibitions and fine art sales.

Owner Marlena Torzecka asked Brofsky Design to design a unique gift item that people would be naturally inspired to display. The light bulb moment for me came in the brainstorming phase. What was the most practical use case for an object that just "hung around?" The revelatory step was to transform the conventional door hanger used in hotels to announce “Privacy Please.” Dense in pattern and symmetry, custom painted middle eastern motifs were applied throughout and on the richly colored envelope that would contain the 18 unique cards. Embedded into the design was the agency's unique world view articulated by Sufi philosophical quotes. Each door hanger was perforated to tear into a mailable postcard. A printed glassine wrapper enfolded the cards and spoke about the theme of the set.

Categories: Print

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