Client: Peachpit Press

Scope:  Retail Software and Computer Book Publishing, National

Mission:  Design a cover for a new book title.

Key Insight:  This design is one of the top-selling Macintosh books in the world. Now translated into eleven languages. When I designed this cover, I was actually making my transition from amberlith to the first Macintoshes available. I was not trusting that when I turned off the little beige box that my important designs would be there the next morning! Peachpit Press’s founder Ted Nace had an open mind and was an innovator to work with. He had our trust, "The Little Mac Book" was doing well. This was the second book from author Robin Williams that I designed. I worked with photography team Alan Abrams and Franchesca Lacagnina. Their beautiful ephemeral images were captivating to me. I wanted to romanticize the typewriter (which I loved more than my computer at the time), using an antique as a metaphor of something both clunky, out-dated, yet beautiful. This cover also was used for the title “The PC is not a Typewriter”.

Categories: Print, Publishing