Client: Fusare Construction

Scope:  Identity, Branding, Website for Local Construction Company

Mission:  Develop memorable website for construction company’s first marketing attempt.

Key Insight:  When a skilled craftsman imbues a business with his or her personal style and taste, the designer may recommend reflecting these personal attributes through the graphic identity as well. The site’s mercantile feel and old-timey look was influenced by the owner's collection of old tools, wood stoves and, of all things, cast iron cookware. The website sought to contrast a portfolio of high-quality projects without hyperbole or overstatement. Thus, the "storyline" is filled with iconography, literally short and sweet. Central to the site, the company’s project showcase is nestled between two icon-packed columns of factoids and profile information that are revealed through vertical panes (somehow rare in site builds today). What could be more organic than an honest working relationship with a true craftsman and his trusty canine companion, "Ella?"

Categories: Websites