Client: Edmonds School District

Scope:  Identity and branding for large school district, Washington State.

Mission:  Develop a new mark to parallel vision and mission principles of community connection, and forward-thinking educational approach that revitalizes an outdated logo.

Key Insight:  According to district staff, the Edmonds School District “15” logo had been in place for over 30 years. A logo dominated by a bold number “15” in solid black, representing the district’s Washington State designated district number. The secondary image designed into the “counter space” of the number 5 character is a round red apple with a red leaf tilted to the left and a short stem tilted to the right. The red apple represents “education,” a concept that is long established. The new logo utilizes this central element that we fondly referred to as the “legacy apple,” and its leaf and stem orientation. The design goes further in its new interpretation to form a small letter “e” for Edmonds. The resulting new apple form is open and uses gradient blends to create the dimensional effect of a “peel” forming both the outside shape of the apple and the inside in one form. This combination creates a unique logo marrying the concepts of Edmonds and education. In addition, the dimensional “e” form has an openness that suggests the concepts of transparency and community-mindedness—forming a circular “hug” that draws inward, inferring that the environment inside the “e” is open and accessible, equitable access to education for all.

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