Client: Edge Foundation

Scope:  National Awareness of a Global Health Non-Profit Bridging Mental Health and Education, Trade Show Booth

Mission:  Create the Brand Identity — Name, Logo, Tagline, Design Standards — and apply it to the premier Website, Trade Show Booth and Collateral to bridge the gap between ADHD Teens, their mentor Coaches, and a college education.

Key Insight:  Justin Timberlake, Will Smith, Sir Richard Branson, Thomas Edison, all had the gene that causes ADHD, and had to struggle to find modes of therapy that did not involve solely drugs. In tribute to Edison's inventiveness, Brofsky Design credited the "Edison-Gene" or "Edge" in the process of naming, trademarking and branding the Edge Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to connecting college students with ADHD with a non-pharmaceutical alternative, an Edge Coach, a mentor to help them through the complexities of college success. Besides needing to be easy to carry and set up, this 8'x8' Trade Show Booth was the graphical recruiter for parents and students to connect Edge programs with ADHD-friendly colleges and universities.

Categories: Non-Profit, Signage