Client: Edge Foundation

Scope:  National and International Awareness of a Global Health Non-Profit Bridging Mental Health and Education, Identity

Mission:  Create the Brand Identity and Design Standards —Name, Logo, Tagline) —and apply to the premier Website, Trade Show Booth and Collateral to stem the gap between ADHA Teens, their mentor Coaches, and a college education.

Key Insight:  The Foundation for Student Advocacy is the original starting point for the Edge Foundation. Developing the new name, Brofsky Design researched ADHD discovering the phrase “Edison Gene” or “Einstein Gene” coined for the many geniuses in history that were attributed with attention deficit disorder. The name Edge came naturally from the first two letters of each word and symbolized the marginalization of the students that didn’t function well in a “normal” university setting. The two 3-D “ribbons” that create the “e” logo describe the relationship and “sphere” created by the student working with a coach advocate.

Categories: Marks, Non-Profit