Client: Danish Orchards Labels

Scope:  Food Packaging for Product Importer and Distributor, Grocery Shelves Nationwide

Mission:  Update and redesign packaging for a fruit preserves line of products for heavy placement in food stores.

Key Insight:  Acme Foods had been a leader and visionary when they introduced the “blue tub” of fruit preserves from Denmark in the 1970s to the US market. The range of competitive products was small and Danish Orchards stood out and sold widely. In the 1990s, however, the supermarket shelves were bursting with tantalizing jam products from both large and small providers, and Danish Orchards had not changed at all. Based in Denmark where the product had little or no competition, the producers could not observe how their packaging was dated and sent the wrong quality message for their product at the point of sale.

Brofsky Design was retained to redesign the labeling. Through focus groups (and tastings), we uncovered the fact that the product competed well in taste and texture. Yet, despite years on the shelf as “Danish Orchards,” the name went largely unrecognized. People identified the product as the “jam in the blue plastic tub.” We reasoned that the new design had to amplify the Danish Orchards name, which was barely visible on the existing labels. Our design concept also added punch and volume to the “fruit” with botanically precise, juicy illustrations that shouted flavor and quality.

Categories: Food, Packaging

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