Human Resources
Client: CNF Transportation

Scope:  Recruitment Advertising for an International Trucking and Logistics Company

Mission:  Launch piece announcing the new name and branding of employee benefits program for $5.6 billion freight transportation and logistics services company with 425 locations across North America and 20 countries in 5 continents.

Key Insight:  Human Resource branding has the power to unite even the most diverse employee bases. By creating a cohesive new brand identity for a company as large and complex as CNF Transportation, and communicating that it holds its employees best interests at heart, employees are able to find solidarity with their employer and fellow employees.

Spotlighting the working life of the employee as a “journey” paralleled the trucking and shipping industry. Brofsky developed the title of the employee benefits program as “Routes.” Next, working with a nationally acclaimed illustrator, we integrated graphic symbolism through the use of icons and colorful, layered imagery. This "prototype" was pickid up and repeated in various employee publications .

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