Client: Ovation! Musical Theater

Scope:  Community Theater Project (Pro Bono)

Mission:  Design poster promoting community theater production of “A Christmas Carol”

Key Insight:  Can a seasoned graphic designer be suddenty transformed into an Off-Broadway "Stage Mom?" You decide! My 9-year old daughter Isabel had just auditioned for “The Sound of Music” and won the part of Gretel. I had no idea that she had the ability to sing harmony or the presence to perform on stage. But I was bitten by the "roar of the greasepaint and the smell of the crowd." Our community-minded theater company and their seasoned director, musical director, choreographer and NY trained costumer transformed our local talent into professionals with relentless rehearsals and rich technical productions. I was only too happy to design their marketing pieces for the 5 years that my daughter performed with them. “A Christmas Carol” was one of these productions. There's no business like show business.

Categories: Events, Posters