Human Resources
Client: Activision Blizzard

Scope:  Company Inter-Merger HR Campaign combining Corporate Identity, Branding and Unification

Mission:  Design internal employee benefits campaign launch during company merger of two leading international game distributors.

Key Insight:  One of the fascinating aspects of being a graphic designer is the insight we gain immersing ourselves into so many disparate corporate cultures. On rare occasions, we face the challenge of integrating two corporate cultures into one.

In this case, Brofsky Design was hired by a leading human resource development firm to assist two market-leading game development giants, Activision and Blizzard, through a merger transition that impacted employee benefits. Both groups developed best selling MMOGs (massively multiplayer online games). One company had a potent reputation for developing products rich in the depth of design and artistry, the other’s products were multi-million dollar winners, veritable “pop stars” of the category.

For Brofsky, the contrast of these corporate personalities, and the juxtaposition of visually arresting game characters, were two compass points we worked to connect while mapping the “experience” that employees were undergoing amidst the cultural convergence. The creative use of humor and irony, done right, is a positive, countervailing force for overcoming the turbulence of change. The visual vocabulary for both companies came alive with illustrations created by both companies (especially Blizzard and DreamWorks). My personal fave was the Isectosaurus.

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